Indiana Fire Trucks Photos

It is in no way the intention of Indiana Fire Trucks to profit from the outstanding work of our firefighters or the tax-payers' apparatus found in our pictures. IFT is a hobby site intended to promote the fire service in Indiana. However, in in an effort to support the cost of our site (including the gas, travel, cameras and immense time spent on maintaining and updating the site), we are now making many of the photos you find on IFT available for purchase in either digital or print format.

Indiana Fire Trucks Photo Pricing:

4x6 (or larger) Full-Resolution digital jpeg file:
Always FREE to original departments
(Must be confirmed department member e-mail)
4x6 (or larger) Full-Resolution jpeg digital file:
$ 1.50
4x6 print
$ 1.50
5x7 print
$ 2.50
Handling Fee for all digital file orders >5:
$ 1.50
Shipping and Handling fee for all print orders:
$ 2.50

Email Us Here
E-mail us your order requests at the link below. Once we confirm availability of photos, we will send you
an e-mail invoice payable via VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER OR PAYPAL

Please note: Some photos may not be available for the following reasons:

  • Wide cropping of some photos does not allow for conversion to 4x6 or larger format.
  • Only photos from the following IFT photographers are available for sale:
    Christopher Allen, Connor Allen, Brett Jackson, Tim Jones, Eric Scheffel, Frank Wegloski
  • A very limited number of our photos are in low resolution and will not transfer well to prints
  • We are missing a few older original photo files (generally 2004 and before)