Indianapolis Fire Department

Station 5

Engine - Tactical - Battalion - Arson - PIO


IFD Station 5 - 450 W. 21st Street @ I-65
Station 5's new firehouse opened at 8am on March 27, 2013. With the re-opening of the 5's, nearby Station 23 was permanently closed. The crews from the 23's were moved to the 5's along with Battalion 11. This firehouse is now home to Engine 5, Tactical 5, IEMS Medic 5, Battalion 1, IFD Arson Investigation and the IFD Public Information Officer. This well-planned station was also designed to be the Confined Space and Collapse Rescue Training Center. There are specific rooms and training areas inside this firehouse that we look forward to sharing once they are complete.

Engine 5 - 2015 Pierce Saber Pumper (28205TR-01) - 2000gpm/500gal/40gal foam
Engine 5 entered service in April 2015 and replaced an American LaFrance Engine which was moved to reserve status.

Engine 5 - 2015 Pierce Saber Pumper (28205TR-01) - 2000gpm/500gal/40gal foam
Engine 5 responds from it's station just northwest of IU Methodist Hospital along Interstate 65. Station 5 is first-due in the busy medical and business areas along 16th street just north of downtown Indianapolis.

Engine 5 - 2015 Pierce Saber Pumper (28205TR-01) - 2000gpm/500gal/40gal foam

Engine 5 - 2015 Pierce Saber Pumper (28205TR-01) - 2000gpm/500gal/40gal foam

Tactical 5 - 2010 Freightliner M2/2011 Ferrara (H4769)
When a Collapse or Confined Space Rescue call comes in, the crew from Engine 5 cross-man Tactical 5 and respond in this apparatus along with Ladder 1 and Tactical 1 to working CRT incidents. Tac 5 carries more of the heavy tools and power equipment used for Confined Space Rescues while Tac 1 carries more of the wood, rams, supports and large shoring equipment. With their larger truck Tac 5 can now carry equipment for high angle and rope rescue as well. It also allows them to take just one vehicle where they used to have to take the Engine along as well. The CRT tactical team responds throughout Marion County and sometimes into the donut counties surrounding Indianapolis. This apparatus was originally purchased by Fleet Operations to serve as a City Service Truck/Ready-Reserve Ladder. In late 2016, it was converted to replace Tac 5's smaller 1994 rescue truck.

Battalion Chief 1 - 2011 Ford Expedition - Command Vehicle
Battalion 11 was reassigned as Battalion 1 on January 1, 2014 as part of a regional renumbering system. BC-1 responds from Station 5 and covers much of the near north and northwest side of Indianapolis. Battalion 1's district includes stations: 5, 12, 14, 16, 30, 31 and 33.

IFD Station 5 Banner
This banner hangs in the new firehouse on 21st Street. Now, if you're like us, you might be asking what's up with the flamingos and palm trees? While we will wait for an official answer, we understand that after a long shift of protecting the public and risking their lives for others, the crews at the 5's could throw a pretty great party!

Station 5 History Bricks
Completed in 2013, this firehouse was the fourth version of Station 5 that has protected Indy since 1874. The various dates are reflected here along with Station/Engine Company 23's dates (which merged into this firehouse).

This handcrafted steel maltese tops the bell stand in front of Station 5

Station 5 - April 2013

Station 13 under construction in 2012