Indianapolis Fire Department

Station 19 - "The River Rats"

Foam Task Force & Southern Hazmat Decontamination Team Engine - Ladder - Tactical Hazmat Decon - Foam Truck


IFD Station 19 - 1004 South White River Parkway at I-70 - Near Southwest Side
Opened on March 31, 1992, this building replaced their previous station on 1445 West Morris Street. One nice feature of this station was a drive-though bay for the ladder truck. However, the curved driveway into the back of the station was spec'd for 19's previous 40' long truck and not the current 48' American LaFrance, which is unfortunately too long to make the turn.

Engine 19 - 2011 Ferrara Igniter Pumper (H-4856) - 2000gpm/500gal
This apparatus was dedicated in January 2012 to the memory of Captain Gary Henry who was killed in action while serving the 38th Military Police Unit in Iraq in 2008. At the time of his deployment he was serving as the Special Operations Captain. However, he had previously spent part of his career at the 19's.

Engine 19 - 2011 Ferrara Igniter Pumper (H-4856) - 2000gpm/500gal

Engine 19 - 2011 Ferrara Igniter Pumper (H-4856) - 2000gpm/500gal

Ladder 19 - 2001 American LaFrance Eagle/LTI 102' Aerial Tower

Ladder 19 - 2001 American LaFrance Eagle/LTI 102' Aerial Tower
Ladder 19 was one of three identical LTI Tower Ladders along with Ladders 6 and 10 that were purchased by the department in 2001. Ladder 19 was the last to serve in frontline service but was finally retired in 2016.

Ladder 19 at the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Cookout during FDIC 2006

Tactical 19 - 1993 Ford L-8000/SwapLoader/2006 Hazmat Decontamination Pod
In April 2006, IFD put into service a new pod with separated compartments and roll-up doors along the side. This allows the crews to more easily extract only the equipment needed for a particular response. It also protects the equipment from sliding around when the pod is tilted back off the truck before removal. The cab will eventually be repainted red to match the Pod and the rest of the rigs at Station 19.

Tactical 19 - 1993 Ford L-8000/SwapLoader with 2006 Hazmat Decontamination Pod
Tactical 19 is shown dropping it's pod as it does on scene during Hazmat incidents. Moving the pod to ground level allows for easier and more appropriate decontamination access and keeps any potential contaminants away from the truck portion. The pod remains tethered to the truck via electrical cables so that it can provide power for showers and other equipment while detached.

2006 Hazmat Decontamination Pod
A unique view of the inside of the Decontamination Pod

Foam Truck 19 - 1989 International Flatbed

Foam Truck 19 - 1989 International Flatbed
This rig was reassigned from Station 10 to 19 in July 2006.

Members of the Hazmat Teams from Station 31 and 19 train on the Foam Truck.

Station 19 apparatus responding north on West Street to a Hazardous Materials call out.