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Posey Township
Fire Company

The Town of Hardinsburg is located 116 miles southwest of Indianapolis along US-150 in southern Washington County. This all-volunteer department protects the residents of Posey Township from their two stations.

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Station 1

Posey Station 1 - 10550 S. Radcliff Road - Hardinsburg, IN


E1 ds
Engine 1 - 2002 International 4400/Central States Pumper (#88081) - 1250gpm/1250gal
Engine 1 carries a variety of rescue and firefighting equipment including an Akron Apollo deck gun, 10kw Smart Power
hydraulic generator, On-Spot tire chains, a Hannay electric cable reel, 1,000 watt flood lights, 1,000 feet of 5-inch supply
hose and a Hale/Class 1 foam injection (class A).  Engine 1 runs 1st-due on all structure and vehicle fires.

Tanker 1
Tanker 1 - 2008 International Maxxforce 9/Deep South - 500gpm/3000gal
TK-1 includes a stainless steel tank, 3 electrically actuated dump valves, a 3000gal dump tank, and two 1-3/4” preconnected
attack lines.  This apparatus runs first-out for water supply calls. 
R1 ds
Rescue 1 - 1993 Ford E-350/Wheeled Coach
This former ambulance now responds first-due for all medical calls and Rescue/Extrication responses. R-1 is a certified
BLS non-transport Unit. It also carries a Hurst Combi Tool and mini pump.
Rescue Engine 3 - 1971 Young Bison Pumper - 1250gpm/500gal
This rig originally served Oceanside Hose Company #1 in Oceanside NY. In 1987, it was purchased by Lafayette Township
in Floyds Knob IN. Upon its arrival at Posey Township, department members installed custom mounting work and a
Robwen foam system.


R2 os
Rescue Engine 3 - 1971 Young Bison Pumper - 1250gpm/500gal
R-3 runs first-out alongside Rescue 1 on all extrication calls. It also runs as the 2nd-out Engine, for Station 1 for all other calls.
R2 back

Rescue Engine 3's rescue tools were custom-mounted by department members on the back of their rig.
Their equipment includes an XRT Power System Combi Unit, diesel powered 12,000 watt generator & 3-tool hydraulic
pump, three Hannay 150-foot hydraulic hose reels, Hurst Spreaders, Cutters, and a Combi Tool, 3 telescoping Rams,
& Trimo portable hydraulic pump, Maxiforce high pressure air bags, a Caldo exothermic torch, Res-Q-Jack struts,
Hannay electric cable reel and 1,500 watt flood lights.

Brush 1
Brush 1 - 1984 Chevy M-1028 1-1/4 ton miltary 4x4/2008 FD Custom - 120gpm/300gal
Not yet pictured:
Tanker 2 - 1986 International S-2200/Local FD - 300gpm/3500gal
Tanker 2 runs as 2nd out water supply apparatus.

Station 2 - 333 E. US-150 Hardinsburg
This one-bay firehouse is currently under construction and slated for completion in 2009. Station 2 will protect the western end of the township and will house Engine 2 noted below.

Engine 2 - 1965 Ford C/1976 Howe Pumper - 300gpm/1000gal that
Engine 2 responds first-due for all fires in the western side of out Township
Chemical Truck
"Willie" - 1926 Graham Brothers/Dodge/Prospect Chemical Engine
This classic apparatus has a Prospect Fire Equipment “Deluge” rotary pump, and Prospect twin chemical tanks. Willie is
privately owned by the department's Assistant Chief, Richard Doan.
Special thanks to FF Tyler for his assistance in arranging the apparatus for these pictures. Thanks also to Assistant
Chief Richard Doan for providing department background and history.