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Indiana Fire Trucks respects the time and interests of our visitors. In order to provide the resources necessary to support the Indiana Fire Trucks website, we are currently accepting sponsorships (including banner and text advertisements) on most of our pages. Please review the policies below and contact us should you have any questions or require clarificiation.

Contact Us about a Sponsorship
We welcome you as a potential sponsor to our site. The majority of our sponsor and advertising locations will be at the bottom or sides of our pages. Banner ads should be 275x75 pixels and can be either static or rotating. Text ads will be located in the same areas surrounded by a border. Please e-mail us with your specifc needs and intended page locations. We'd be pleased to discuss this with you at any time. Contact Us HERE.

Sponsor Guidelines
The goal of the Indiana Fire Trucks is to present to users and advertisers with a comprehensive and relevant marketplace. IFT will only accept sponsorships that we deem relevant to the emergency services marketplace and the needs or interest of their personnel.

Current Pricing:

  1. Banner or text ads (275x75 pixels) can be placed along the right side of our Home Page (the most frequently visited) for $20.00/month with a 6-month minimum.
  2. Payments for all advertising will be done through Paypal or business check. We will gladly send you an invoice for your records.

Competitive Offerings
In the interest of our sponsors, it is our intention to limit showing competing sponsors on the same webpage. In certain instances, IFT may not accept sponsorships for competitive products and services. Decisions will be made at IFT's sole discretion. We will inform you if your listing has been denied for any reason and offer an alternative option.

Titles and Descriptions
Titles and Descriptions must be relevant to the search term/category as well as the site they are referring to. Having effective titles and descriptions will increase your chances of driving targeted buyers to your site.

Adult and Gambling Content Sites
IFT does not allow Adult Content advertisements or sites that promote gambling.

Other Sites
Sites that promote email spamming will not be accepted by IFT and will be removed immediately.